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Grupo: Integrative Systems Biology
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Staff Researchers

  • Sabater-Munoz B, Prats-Escriche M, Montagud-Martinez R, López-Cerdán A, Toft C, Aguilar-Rodríguez J, Wagner A, Fares MA (2015)
    Fitness Trade-Offs Determine the Role of the Molecular Chaperonin GroEL in Buffering Mutations

    Molecular Biology and Evolution 32: 2681-2693

  • Cluxton CD, Caffrey BE, Kinsella GK, Moynagh PN, Fares MA, Fallon PG (2015)
    Functional conservation of an ancestral Pellino protein in helminth species

    Scientific Reports 5: 11687

  • Luisi P, Alvarez-Ponce D, Pybus M, Fares MA, Bertranpetit J, Laayouni H (2015)
    Recent Positive Selection Has Acted on Genes Encoding Proteins with More Interactions within the Whole Human Interactome

    Genome Biology and Evolution 7: 1141-1154

  • Fares MA (2015)
    Survival and innovation: The role of mutational robustness in evolution

    Biochimie 119: 254-261

  • Fares M (2015)
    The origins of mutational robustness

    Trends in Genetics 31: 373-381

  • Keane OM, Toft C, Carretero-Paulet L, Jones GW, Fares MA  (2014)
    Preservation of genetic and regulatory robustness in ancient gene duplicates of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

    GENOME RESEARCH 24: 1830-1841

  • Fares, MA  (2014)
    The evolution of protein moonlighting: adaptive traps and promiscuity in the chaperonins


  • Henderson B, Fares Mario A, Lund PA (2013)
    Chaperonin 60: a paradoxical evolutionarily conserved protein family with multiple moonlighting functions

    Biological Reviews 88: 955-987

  • Sablok G, Mudunuri SB, Patnana S, Popova M, Fares Mario A, La Porta N (2013)
    ChloroMitoSSRDB: Open Source Repository of Perfect and Imperfect Repeats in Organelle Genomes for Evolutionary Genomics

    Dna Research 20: 127-133

  • Ruiz-Gonzalez MX, Fares MA (2013)
    Coevolution analyses illuminate the dependencies between amino acid sites in the chaperonin system GroES-L

    Bmc Evolutionary Biology 13

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