Research Lines

Molecular mechanisms of development and morphogenesis

Plant Development and Hormone Action

This research subline addresses the signaling and genetic pathways controlling patterning in several aspects of plant development. Our general aims are:

  • to detail the molecular-genetic networks directing inflorescence, flower and fruit development,
  • to model how such networks act and to ask how different species have evolved variations to generate diversity,
  • to identify molecular targets for the manipulation of agronomically-important traits, and
  • to generate biotechnological tools for improving flowering in horticultural and crop species.

One strategic aim of our research is to apply our new-found basic knowledge on plant development to the modification of agronomical important traits in crops. This is made possible by both our choices of biological problems to be studied, and by using experimental crop models beyond Arabidopsis thaliana and Medicago truncatula.

Research groups