Prof Antonio Granell Richart

Antonio Granell

Antonio Granell is a Research Professor at CSIC. Durig his PhD he did pioneering work with pathogenesis related proteins and then moved as a post doc to work for more than three years on plant molecular genetics at the Plant Science Institute in Penn University (Cashmore’s lab). He then joined the Plant Group at the Instituto de Agroquímica in Valencia to work on plant senescence. Since 2006 his main interest has been fruit quality using tomato as model system but sometimes also in Citrus and Peach fruit. A huge effort has been put into developing technologies (omics technologies; specially metabolomics, and transcriptomics), participation in international consortia such as the Tomato Sequencing Consortium and in making the genomic information available to the plant research community (chillpeach and ESPSOL data bases and partipation in Solgenomics). Antonio is group leader of PGB, scientific coordinator of the metabolomics facility and he is in charge of the Molecular Breeding projects.
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