ibmcp - invernadero


  • Maria Victoria Palau Vich Head of Service
  • Antonio Villar Orozco Tecnical Assistan
  • Carmen Benito Agut Tecnical Assistan
  • Primitivo Murias Muñoz Tecnical Assistan


The IBMCP has two Experimental Greenhouses. The large greenhouse covers an area of 3,000 m2, and is one of the most technologically-advanced facilities in Spain for the cultivation  of transgenic plants. It has a 1500m2 fully- automated greenhouse, in which all parameters are climate controlled to ensure the  best growth conditions. The remaining area is occupied by a series of growth chambers and other facilities for the preparation of material (seed preparation and collection, sterilization and labware washing equipment, etc..) and the analysis of plant phenotypes (photo lab).

The second Greenhouse contains several separate areas, which are independently climate-controlled (equipped with heating, air conditioning, artificial lighting, exterior shading etc..). The second greenhouse also contains a series of smaller growth chamber and a work area and additional services (labware washing equipment,  sterilization, garage, warehouse, workshop, office, lockers, and restrooms).