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Grupo: Plant hormone metabolism and regulation of development


Isabel López Díaz ......... ... Staff Scientist

Esther Carrera Bergua ...... Postdoctoral researcher

Teresa Sabater ......... .. ...... Laboratory technician recently retired

José Luis García Martínez (founder of the group, recently retired)



The overall objective of our research is to understand the role of plant hormones in the regulation of plant development. Over the last years, we had been studying the hormonal regulation of different developmental processes, focusing mainly on the role of gibberellins, their mode of action and their interaction with other hormones, in different plant species: pea (Pisum sativum), tobacco (Nicotiana Tabacum ) and tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L).

At present, we use the tomato micro-tom cultivar, as an experimental system because of its small size, short life cycle and ease of genetic transformation, in addition to the high agronomic value of this species. In our laboratory we have a large number of transgenic and mutant lines with alterations in the metabolism or signalling of gibberellins, auxins, cytokinins and brassinosteroids, as well as reporter lines for the synthesis or responses to gibberellins and auxins. Studying these lines we are addressing the role of plant hormones in the control of ovules, fruits and branching development and the interactions between gibberellins and the rest of plant hormones.

Tools and approaches used in our work include: cloning genes involved in hormone metabolism, studying their function using reverse genetics (over-expression or silencing of genes in transgenic plants of tomato and tobacco) and recently, as a result of the acquisition of a modern equipment of mass spectroscopy in the IBMCP, we have also incorporated the analysis and quantification of major plant hormones, to the methods used in our research.



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Metabolismo hormonal y regulación del desarrollo de las plantas

Staff Researchers

Other Group Members

Temporary Visitors

Master Students / Polytechnic University of Valencia

  • Javier López Martinez. Master's thesis submitted  on January  2017
  • Joan Freixas. Master's thesis in progress

Undergraduate research project in Biotechnology

  • Carlos Bravo Buitrago. 2016/17. Catholic University of Valencia

Internships / Undergraduate students in Biotechnology

  • Laura Viñals.  2016/2017.  University of Valencia
  • Itziar Estrada.  2016/2017.  University of Valencia

Foreign Visitors

  • Lucas Gaion/ PhD student /UNESP/Jaboticabal-SP Brasil.   May-July 2016
  • Soukaina Rida/ PhD student/ Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech2016-17. Scholarship Erasmus +
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Molecular interactions between ethylene and gibberellin pathways in plants (INTEGA) (HPRN-CT2000-00090), 01-01-2000/31-12-2003.
Entidad financiadora: 
Comunidad Europea.
D.Van der Straeten
Evaluación del potencial biotecnológico de genes del metabolismo de giberelinas para modificar la altura y la capacidad partenocárpica de las planta (BIO2000-1436), 01-01-2000/31-12-2003.
Entidad financiadora: 
Plan Nacional de I+D, Biotecnología
Jose Luis García Martínez
Regulacion hormonal del desarrollo reproductivo: papel de las giberelinas y su interaccion con auxinas. (BIO2006-13437)
Entidad financiadora: 
Plan Nacional I+D Biotecnología
Jose Luis García Martínez
Control hormonal de la fructificacion en tomate (BIO2009-07968)
Entidad financiadora: 
Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Jose Luis Garcia Martinez
Entidad financiadora: 
Plan Nacional de I+D+i (BIO2014-55946)
Entidad financiadora: 
Plan Nacional de I+D+i (AGL2014-55177-R)
Jose Maria Seguí