Two seminars next friday at IBMCP

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Next friday, February, 17 we will have two seminars at IBMCP: one at 12:30h an another at 16:00h. First one will be "Hypersaline waters as model systems to study virus-host interactions", by Prof. Josefa Antón from Dpt. Physiology, Genetics and Microbiology of the University of Alicante, Spain. Her research is mainly focused on the microbiota (including viruses) from hypersaline environments and the microbial symbionts of marine invertebrates. One of her main research interests is to understand how microbes interact with viruses in nature and which forces drive and maintain microbial diversity using aquatic hypersaline systems as models. Second one will be "Ubiquitination in plant stress signaling", by Prof. Qi Xie (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking). Prof Xie did his PhD in the lab of Crisanto Gutiérrez at the CBM (University Autonoma of Madrid - CSIC). He is an outstanding voice in the field of protein ubiquitination, its relation with the stress response and the quality control of RE proteins with wrong folding.