'Molecular Plant Pathology' journal cover

Cover Plant Molecular Pathology journal
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We keep on getting journal covers. The last one is the February 2017 issue of 'Molecular Plant Pathology', with an image from the paper of the IBMCP researchers Vicente Pallás and Frederic Aparicio, at the group of Plant Molecular Virology ("The coat protein of Alfalfa mosaic virus interacts and interferes with the transcriptional activity of the bHLH transcription factor ILR3 promoting salicylic acid-dependent defence signalling response", Molecular Plant Pathology 18 (2): 173-186). The image shows a cell co-expressing NtNEET:GFP (green) and the mitochondrial marker mt-rk CD3-991 (red). Autofluorescence of chlorophyll in chloroplasts is shown in magenta. The overlay reveals that NtNEET protein accumulates within the chloroplast.