Meeting of young researchers of the IBMCP with Eilon Shani

Comida con Eilon Shani
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Last friday, 10th February, Eilon Shani (Molecular Biology of Plants, Tel Aviv University) was in a meeting with young researchers of the IBMCP while lunching at the UPV, after his seminar at the IBMCP. The young IBMCOP researchers were Asier Briones, José Luis Rambla, David Esteve, Cristina Marí Carmona, Jorge Hernández, and Noel Blanco. Eilon answered their questions about his scientific career, research lines, job opportunities and other issues of interest for them. Eilon showed an open-minded and friendly character, creating a pleasant atmosphere during all the lunch. The picture of the meeting was made by the post-doctoral IBMCP researcher Eugenio Gómez.