08 February 2019
Las Mujeres del IBMCP animamos a las chicas a unirse a nosotras para disfrutar juntas de la Ciencia
15 November 2018
El viernes 23 de noviembre, Kirsten Bomblies, del John Innes Centre (UK), impartirá el seminario titulado: Adaptive evolution of meiosis - chromosome segregation and recombination rate variation in the face of polyploidy and climate variation.
07 November 2018
El viernes 16 de noviembre, Concha Domingo, del Centro de Genómica del Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias (IVIA, Valencia), impartirá el seminario titulado: Where do our rice varieties come from?.
26 October 2018
El día 26 de noviembre se celebrará el I Young Researchers Symposium en el IBMCP.
02 July 2018
The IBMCP will host on July 5-7 Viroid-2018: the International Conference on Viroids and Viroid-like RNAs (
Mario Fares Riaño
20 November 2017
In September 1994, I returned to Valencia from a short research stay at UC San Diego. Full of energy, ideas and motivation to finish a few remaining experiments and to start writing my PhD dissertation. When I got in the lab, a new 4th-year undergrad student was there waiting for me.
Mariola Plazas Ávila premio Jovenes Investigadores 2017 de la SECH
26 May 2017
Mariola Plazas Ávila, who works at the IBMCP, has been awarded with the prize "Young Researchers 2017" by the National Society for Horticultural Sciences.
ibmcp journal covers
03 April 2017
This year several IBMCP papers reached the cover of important journals.
Antía Rodríguez-Villalón
15 March 2017
Monday, March 27, Antia Rodriguez-Villalon of the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) in Zurich, taught the seminar entitled: Perturbing phosphoinositide homeostasis antagonistically affects vascular differentiation in Arabidopsis thaliana roots.
Comida con Eilon Shani
20 February 2017
Last friday, 10th February, Eilon Shani (Molecular Biology of Plants, Tel Aviv University) was in a meeting with young researchers of the IBMCP while lunching at the UPV, after his seminar at the IBMCP.
15 February 2017
Next friday, February, 17 we will have two seminars at IBMCP: one at 12:30h an another at 16:00h.
Eilon Shani
09 February 2017
Eilon Shani (Molecular Biology of Plants, Tel Aviv University) will give a talk on Feb, 10 at the IBMCP: "Robustness and specialization among hormone transporters: Redundant and unique roles". Afterwards, Eilon will meet with young researchers of the IBMCP during a lunch.
Lycopene production in plants
01 February 2017
IBMCP scientists of the group of "Plant Virus Biotechnology" have engineered a plant virus to express a whole heterologous multistep metabolic pathway of bacterial origin in the cytosol of plant cells.
Cover Plant Molecular Pathology journal
28 January 2017
We keep on getting journal covers.
Tomato flavor Science journal cover
27 January 2017
The journal Science publishes and remarks in the cover a work done with the collaboration of the researchers at the IBMCP Antonio Granell and Antonio Monforte ("A